Saturday, December 29, 2012

ELF 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette-Neutral Eye

elf 144-piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette -Neutural Eye Review

Hi Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Holidays!  I was so surprised when my husband gave me this eyeshadow palette for Christmas!  I  thought I would share with you some of my thoughts.  The palette has 144 shades and gives you a wide variety of color choices...from shimmering cream shades to rich chocolates and deep burgurdys. These are really gorgeous colors that give you endless possibilities to create any eye look you desire.  There is a good mix of shimmery and Matte shadows, the pigmentation is fantastic in most shades and with a primer they are long lasting.  There are a few exceptions, I found some of the matte shades to be a little less pigmented and a little chalky.  Only a few, if you add a few layers you can definitely work with them.   However for the price this palette is a great value.  My husband picked this up at Target for 15 dollars, what a deal!  I couldn't be happier with them and have been having so much fun creating new looks.  I would definitely recommend adding this palette to your collection

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


I recently joined the Influenster community and I have been really loving it!  If you don't know,  Influenster is a free online community where people are invited to share their thoughts and ideas about different products and brands.  I really have been enjoying reading and writing reviews.  It has been a rewarding experience!

I was ssuper excited to be chosen to receive their COSMO VOXBOX 2012,  it included so many great products that I am looking forwarding to trying and reviewing!

 The COSMO VOXBOX  contained:

 FriXion pens by Pilot

 Forever Red eau de parfume from Bath&Body Works

 Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape

 Gillette Venus Embrace

 Venus & Olay Razor refills

If your interested in becoming a member go to www.influenster .com.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Hi everyone!

I am super excited to share you with a new product from Covergirl that I have been loving.   It is called the the blast flipstick. I was lucky enough to be selected to try this product.  It is a unique double ended lipstick, so actually it is 2 lipsticks in one.  One end is a bold creamy shade and the other end is a light shimmery color.  This provides you so many opportunities to mix and match different shades, so you can customize your look! Even create an ombre look! There are 13 different blast flipsticks to choose from....  

My favorite shade is Vixen it is a bright pink color on one end and a light pink shimmer on the other.  I love my pinks! What I like to do is to use the darker color on my upper lip and lower lip and shade the middle of my bottom lip to make my lips look fuller and more 3 dimensional.  I really have been loving this look! I really like the formula too..they are creamy and long lasting.  I think these are a great product and give you endless possibilities!




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