Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Smile is better then makeup!

Hi Everyone!  

 Recently,  I overheard a young attractive women with a gorgeous smile say,          "Sometimes I'm afraid to smile because I don't want wrinkles."  I know she was only joking, but I had to wonder if there was some truth in her statement. 

 Later that evening, as I was rubbing in my retinol face cream into 47 year old skin, her statement came back into my consciousness and it really made me stop and ponder.  Women in today's society are constantly being bombarded with anti-wrinkle cream and cosmetic procedure advertisements maybe this really isn't such a uncommon fear.  So, I decided to do some research...by research I mean I Googled.  I found 10 benefits to smiling and I wanted to share them with you.

1.  Smiling makes us more attractive.  Others are drawn to others smiling.

2.  Smiling lifts your face and makes you appear younger. 

3.  Smiling exercises your facial muscle and prevents saggy and droopy skin.

4.  Smiling can change your mood, it releases endorphins

5.  Smiling can decrease stress

6.  Smiley people are more sucessful

7.  Smiling makes others around you feel good

8.  Smiling is contagious

9.  Smiling helps promote a happy marriage

10. Smiling can lead to a longer life

So, tonight as I put on my face cream I will do it with a smile!

Keep smiling girls!

CeeJay  :)


  1. Lovely post Ceejay! Cannot agree more with all that you have said and the prettiest face can become ugly very quickly if there's no happiness.

    Here's to staying beautiful inside and out! :)
    Easmin xx