Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi everyone!  For the longest time I have been wanting to add a setting spray to my makeup routine. I have never tried one before but have been hearing so many wonderful things about them.  I was hesitant because many of the brands I have seen have been a bit pricey. While shopping at Target one day I found out that ELF had a setting spray.  I was eager to give it a try with it's 3 dollar price tag! I was a bit skeptical, but what did I have to lose!

I am so happy I did, I love this product! It has really made a difference in my appearance.  I wanted to achieve a more natural look.  Unfortunately, at my age powder can settle in my fine lines and look cakey.  After I apply my makeup I spray a light mist about
12 inches from my face with my eyes closed.  I use about three sprays, it is a little wet feeling but I just fan my face with my hands for a few seconds til it dries.  I know some people have said they have noticed an unpleasant smell with this product but I have not had that experience at all.  I don't smell a thing.  My face looks less cakey and more natural.  Exactly what I was hoping it would, I especially like to use it with a matte foundation.  I do feel my makeup last longer as well! 

I would recommend this to someone who wants a setting spray that works without the high price tag.  How it compare to those,  I can't say,  however I can say I have been really enjoying this product and will be repurchasing it over and over! Hope you find this review helpful!

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  1. Hello, I also a fan of Elf products. They are so cheap and I surely love their mineral powder and mineral eyeshadow and the gel liner. My mom loves them as well. However, there is some of their products that doesn't really do the work at all. But thanks very much for the product review. Anyway, if you'd like to check out my blog as well it would be great!

  2. We've seen these setting sprays around but have been skeptical up until now. Wsh elf was available in australia so we can test it out without forking out on the more expensive options

  3. M+K - I don't know about in stores for Australia, but you can order online. I love e.l.f.! I mean, who wouldn't at these prices! Often you can find free or cheap shipping coupons online too. :-). Hope this helps!